I am a sucker for Nicholas Sparks’ books and the films, my favourites so far being of course The Notebook, and The Last Song. So last year, i decided to download Safe Haven onto my kindle when I was in spain and oh my gosh, its amazing. From the moment I started reading it, i could not put it down. From the start there is a secret that the reader is just dying to get hold of but when the truth is revealed – its a shocker.

I loved this book because of its abilities to make you genuinely laugh, smile and cry. It was just a perfect girly book to read beside the pool and as soon as I saw the trailer on TV I was so excited, I can’t wait!

…And I can’t not mention that Josh Duhamel is a main character – it just gets better and better doesn’t it!

Sunday 24th February’s visit to the Bronte Parsonage


The Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth is probably one of the most moving and interesting places that I’ve ever been to. It is located in Yorkshire and even just the journey into the village was beautiful with the traditional shops and cobbled roads which made the whole experience much more inspiring as it portrayed exactly what it would have looked like when the Bronte sisters lived there.

The parsonage itself was full of history and each of the rooms inside told their own stories. Downstairs there was Mr Bronte’s Study where his magnifying glass that he used for reading and some other belongings of his were displayed and the Dining Room which is the most important room as it was where Charlotte, Emily and Anne did their writing and it is said that Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights was written here. This room also contains the sofa on which Emily is believed to have died. You can also see their Kitchen and Charlottes husband-to-be Arthur Bell Nicholls’ study.

As you follow the stairs up, you can go in each of the bedrooms which again have stories of their own. Charlotte’s room is the main bedroom of the house as this was where Mrs Bronte died in 1821 leaving her sister Elizabeth to raise the children. It was here their Aunt taught the girls the skills they would need such as needlework and domestics. However, when Arthur and Charlotte married they then move into this room and it was here that Charlotte died nine months later and the room now contains Charlottes personal items such as her dresses and shoes. Mr Bronte’s bedroom is also situated there where his son Branwell died in 1848 due to his addiction to alcohol, Mr Bronte therefore shared this room with him before his death in order to watch over him. Upstairs also situates the servants room, the childrens study, Branwells Studio, and the Exhibition Room.

On the cobbled road outside there is old sweet shops, gift shops and cafes which is friendly and adds to the Victorian setting and atmosphere.

Love it love it love it and cannot wait to start reading Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

2013 Resolutions

So at the start of this year I decided to make five realistic goals that I wanted to achieve in 2013…

1.  Be happy

I often find myself being miserable for no reason at all. This year I’m going to do more things to make me feel happy all the time. I’m going to achieve this by creating myself ‘a jar of happiness’, this will be a glass jar where I will write down one thing every day that has made me laugh or smile, put it in the jar and then on New Years Day 2014 I will open the jar up again and read all my happy memories. I think this will help me to achieve my ‘be happy’ resolution because it will make me find the happy things that happen every day and it will cheer me up when I’m feeling down.

2. Look at the positive sides to things

In 2012 I found that I often focused on the negative comments and negative situations in life. For example last year I dreaded my GCSE exams for the whole year and when they arrived I would focus on failing them or not being able to answer the questions etc but I wouldn’t ever think about whether I’d know all the answers on the paper, or what I’ll do to celebrate passing my exams, or even the fact that when they were over I’d get to celebrate my Prom and look forward to college. Therefore in 2013 i’m going to look at the other side to all the situations I experience and if I hear negative comments, I will think about all the positives and compliments I’ve received and act as though negatives do not exist. 

3. Stop worrying about everything

I often find myself worrying about every little tiny thing that is going on in my life, such as a lesson I have tomorrow, or I overthink something so much that it creates a separate situation in my head which makes me dread and worry about it. However, when I do this I’d find that what i’d been worrying about for so long would never actually happened in reality and so i’d been worrying for nothing which is a complete waste of energy. Therefore this year i’m going to think about the good things could happen rather than the bad things and not let my mind get in the way all the time.

4. Say yes

Sometimes I’d take the safer option by staying in rather than going out. However, I often find myself regretting saying no and constantly thinking ‘what if?’. Therefore when I get invited to go somewhere or can’t decide what to do in a situation I’m going to say yes to as many things as I can to prevent myself from questioning ‘what if?’ and enjoy myself rather than sitting in thinking about where I could be all the time. 

5. Be myself

I always hold my thoughts back to avoid confrontation or to keep other people happy. However by doing this it just makes a situation get worse and makes me miserable as I’d find myself doing a lot of things for other people and not do the things that I want to do. Therefore this year I’m going to stand up for myself and do whatever I think is right rather than letting people walk all over me knowing that I’d follow. So finally, In 2013 I’ll be myself and do things that make me happy.