30 Day Blogging Challege: Day 10 – A place you want to spend your last holiday

One place i’d definitely like to go to is the Igloo Village! Its on my Bucket List so i definitely want to go there regardless of whether its my last holiday or not.


I just think it looks amazing and would be a once in a lifetime experience. It looks interesting and fascinating, and just a great place to talk about in stories and be able to say ‘i’ve been there’. I’d definitely love to go.

Although it looks a bit chilly, the igloo itself looks cosy and warm. And being able to go to bed and look out at the stars would just be immense. It looks like it would be a totally different world and lifestyle from what you live from day to day where you can just forget about all your worries and problems, and even forget about all the negativity you hear on the news and just live your life perfectly – (yolo and all hahahaha) However, i think the experience would be much better in the winter with the snowy atmosphere and the opportunities to visit santa (i’ll never get to old for that) and be able to be taken to your igloo by snowmobile or with a husky team which is available in winter. The amazement is just endless.

I can’t wait to tick this off my Bucket List and feel like i’ve achieved something amazing. I’ll attach some images below so you can take a look at the amazing Igloo Village in Finland.



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