30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 12 – What made me cry recently?

I didn’t even have to think about what to write in this blog post and I knew straight away I would focus this on my dog Scraps. I found this blog post harder to write than I thought with parts making me smile and laugh and others beginning to make me cry again. The loss of Scraps on the 21st December 2012 was what made me cry recently. I loved him so much, and miss him everyday.


Above is a picture of me and Scraps playing when I was younger :’)

Scraps was a part of our family ever since I can even remember. I was almost two when we got him so I can’t actually remember my life without him. Scraps was a gorgeous white West Highland Terrier and was a perfect little dog. He would never bite anyone or even lose his temper with us considering I wasn’t the gentlest of people when I was a child as apparently I would drive into him with my pram and all sorts but regardless of this he would continue to play with us, chase us and protect us. When we picked him up, my Brothers always tell me that he chose us before we picked him and as soon as we walked in he ran up to us and began playing and following us. He’s on pretty much all of our pictures in some way as you can see from the pictures above where we played fairies together hahaha.

Scraps was always such a cuddly dog, he would let us stroke him and play all the time. However, sometimes he would be rather mischievous too and would eat any food that he would find regardless of where he found it. On one of my birthdays he ate my birthday cake, he once ate mine and my brothers advent calendars, and on one of my birthdays we noticed he was very quiet and nowhere to be seen, only to find him in the living room with a box of chocolates that was bought for me. At the time I was probably devastated but looking back now it was actually quite funny. Memories like these are the ones I would prefer to remember of scraps rather than the last few months that we had left with him.

In his last few months Scraps was becoming older and less energetic. At one time he would run around the house frantically, bark at the slightest of noises, and when the door would knock he would jump up at the window and run to the door so we would have to open the door very slightly and talk through the tiniest gap as he tried to get out and look. However in the last couple of years Scraps became blind and would walk into doors and walls or any furniture that would be in his way, this upset me as I couldn’t stand to think that he would be hurting himself in any way. As the months went on we noticed that one of his ears no longer stood up and when the door bell went or if we made a sudden movement he wouldn’t bark and sometimes he wouldn’t even notice which made us realise that he could no longer hear either. He then began to sleep an awful lot and would struggle getting up the stairs for his bath or getting outside the door so we began to help lifting him inside and out to make it easier for him. Although he could no longer see or hear, there was no sign of him being in pain or suffering until the last week before he died. There was several days where we would come home and find that he had been unwell whilst we were at school/work which shocked and upset us all so much. The whole family would cry about him and on the Saturday we came to the decision that it was not fair to let him suffer or be in pain and made an appointment with the vet for that morning. He remained in his bed and you could see his distress which made us sure that we had made the right decision for Scraps. Our family ensured he was comfortable and cuddled him and loved him until it was time. Our Nanna and Grandad also came to the Vets with us to make sure we was all okay and to say their goodbyes to Scraps. When the time came we stayed in the room with him where the vet helped him on his way to a better place – while we cuddled him, talked to him and kissed him goodbye.

Although it was the hardest thing that I’ve ever been through, it was definitely the best decision for Scraps and we knew it would have been selfish to let him continue in that way. Scraps died peacefully with all of his close family around him and we will never forget him, ever.

RIP my little Scrappy dog, I will always love you and miss you and there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about you. God bless xxxxxxx

ImageImageImageImage~ Rest in peace Scraps, love you always

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