30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 13 – 5 things you want for your birthday

My birthdays quite a while off yet but on the 8th July i’ll be turning seventeen which is rather exciting. Here’s a list of some things I’d love to get for my birthday:

1. Driving Lessons – so this year I can finally learn to drive, which is too exciting to handle. This means I’d be able to go to the Trafford Centre like pretty much EVERY day. Once I pass I definitely want either a Fiat 500, a Fiat Punto or the beautiful Vauxhall ADAM. It’s so prettyyyy

2. Ted Baker things – I’m obsessed with Ted Baker things at the minute. Such as the make up bags, ipad cases, purses and dresses. Everything in there is so beautiful and I’d love to have something from there for my birthday.

3. The One Tree Hill box sets – I absolutely love One Tree Hill. It’s by far the best series that has been on TV and I’d love to sit and watch every episode one after each other because I’m sad like that..

4. Make-up – now I can’t get a new Ted Baker make up bag without some new make up to put in it can I?;) I’m currently using MAC, No7 and some Elizabeth Arden products but I’d love to try out the MAC lipsticks, the Urban Decay eye pallets, and maybe even the NARS liquid foundation. If you have tried any of these products, please leave a comment below with your thoughts?

5. The last one is a rather unlikely present but I know that my Dad regularly reads my blog so thought it would be worth a shot since you know there’s no harm in trying. I’d love to go to Ireland, I’ve never actually been but it looks amazing! So Dad if you’re reading this then please take the hint! hahahaha


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