Day 20 – My Family

One reason why I wanted to do the blogging challenge was because it allowed the blogging world to learn some things about me before I began to blog the things that I wanted to do. Sort of like an introduction to myself so I think a post about my Family is perfect to do this. I won’t bore you all with massive paragraphs about each and every member of my family because theres too much to say about them all and I love every one of them just as much. But this will be a little post about my family that I live with which is my Mum, Dad and two brothers, Bradley and Jordan.


Above is the family that I live with and without them I’d be lost. This was the day we ventured out for a meal in a Limo for my Mums 50th birthday (12/12/12). My Mum and Dad are supportive and caring all the time and are successful in everything they do, i’m so glad I got the two most perfect people as my parents. I have two brothers Bradley and Jordan who I love so so much. Bradley is a Piano Technician and is amazing on every instrument going – piano, guitar, harmonica, ukelele etc and Jordan is a trainee accountant but both are full time typical big brothers ~ incredibly annoying and slightly strange, but my best friends that I love so much.


A little collage of old and recent pictures of my family which capture all our closeness and our weirdness. And in the top left corner my Grandad Jack just sneaks into the college, a picture taken from my prom which I love so much.


..And not forgetting our baby 7 month old Maltese Terrier, Sully. 

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