Day 25 – Something that I’m proud of

When I first like at this I struggled to think of something that I was proud of. I thought that was scary and quite sad that I hadn’t done one thing that I was proud of. But that was just it, there’s not just one thing that I am proud of yet. I’m only 16 so it’s not like I’ve fully lived my life yet and these years just allow you to live, have fun and build up to that one thing in your life that you are incredibly proud of.

However, although I don’t just have one thing there is just one small thing that I’m proud of so far and that’s just me. I might sound vain and big headed but why shouldn’t I be allowed to be proud of myself? I’m proud of the fact I grew up with some amazing people. I’m proud of myself for making the friends I did. I’m proud of how organised I am. And in particular I’m proud of my 14 A*-C’s that I achieved at GCSE last year and the important decisions and changes in my life that I have made recently making me become the happy and independent self that I am and I am incredibly proud of myself for that.

So to conclude, I am proud of myself and that’s all that matters at 16. With my pride I can do and achieve anything and not let anything get in the way. Any changes I need to make, I’ll do because I always want to remain the happy, proud person that I am now.

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