April Reads

So since the 30 Day Blogging Challenge has ended I have realised that the amount of posts that I have done has decreased significantly so I apologise for that hahaha. Basically, with it being Easter week, its been more of a family week where we’ve had several shopping trips and just gone out and done family things. However, I am aiming to upload at least two posts per week so make sure you check up on my blog regularly or follow me so you recieve updates whenever I upload I new post.


Todays (rather late) post will be about my recent Amazon order. As you will have realised if you have read through a few of my other posts, I am a complete bookworm and can sit and read a book for hours and finish it within a day, I just love reading. However, a couple of weeks ago I started reading The Last Song and literally was glued to the book (I intend to do a little review on it soon) but when I finished it I was devastated because I had no other books to read and so entered the world of Amazon and Goodreads in search of a new book.. but I ended up with three.

ImageThe books I decided on in the end were Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Gone Girl.

After searching the charts for books I eventually decided on these three after reading the good reviews. I found Gone Girl in the charts and was about fifth when I saw it and the reviews were amazing so I’m excited to give that a read. Its a lot different to the types of books I usually read but I fancied a bit of a change in my selection – plus the cover feels so nice.

I also chose Something Borrowed after recently watching it on Sky and fell in love with it. The storyline is so cute and just my cup of tea. When I watched it I had no idea that it was based on a novel until it appeared in my searches on Amazon and wanted it straight away so I can’t wait to read that and I think that will be the first book I will be reading out of the three. When I was purchasing this, I came across Something Blue which from the title you will probably already know that it is the sequal to Something Borrowed and so obviously I had to get that too.

So now I can’t wait to start my reading. What are you reading at the moment? Have you read any of these books? Leave your comments below

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