My April in pictures

I honestly can not believe its almost May. Where has time gone. This time last year I was in my last month of School sitting my exams and making the most of the last days with my friends – and yet, it doesn’t seem like 2 minutes ago.


| Dyed my hair back to my natural colour | Many photos of my little puppy Sully | Smoothies and Fudgecake with my bestest | The great sweetshop at the Trafford Centre | My future ADAM car | My Grandmas 101st Birthday – RIP | Rekindled my obsession with cheesy potatoes, J2O with lemonade, and red skittles | Got a cold and became addicted to Soothers | Fun times with my Dad | Many shopping trips and purchases – Models Own and Rimmel |

I have been using my creativity recently in order to change my blog around to make it more representative of myself. After changing the colours around and changing my header A LOT I think i’m finally happy with it so I would love to know what you think?


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