Ted says: ‘The more you give, the more you get’

Recently, I’ve become quite a fan of Ted Baker. I love the clothes, cases, make-up bags, and purses – everything. Everytime I go shopping I end up in the Ted Baker shop and spend about an hour in there without even buying anything. However, this time I actually picked something up. Last weekend I went to Cheshire Oaks which is a shopping outlet with discounted items, and when I found out there was a Ted Baker shop I was more eager to go.


I’ve had my eye on the Ted Baker purses for quite a while but I’ve always debated whether I should splash out on one since they are quite expensive and more than I would usually pay for just a purse. BUT then I came across this beautiful thing and I instantly fell in love with it. From then things got better and better, especially when I found out the price was only £45 from £70 – with a little bit more taken from the price with my student discount.


I love this purse because its cute and girly, yet also incredibly practical with plenty of room for my money, a mirror, cards, and of course My Phone. Everything just fits in nicely which also makes it easier to take out with me without having to take a bag. However my FAVE part has got to be the red contrasting bow clasp, this just adds extra detail and makes it stand out a bit more. Love it


I’m completely in love with this little purse, have you splashed out this month?

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