DIVERGENT – Veronica Roth


Last week I posted about the 4 new books I bought – see that HERE. I began by reading Divergent by Veronica Roth and oh my gosh, this book is brilliant. Once I picked it up, I literally couldn’t put it down. My all time favourite book was The Hunger Games, but this it so much better on so many different levels and I never thought that would be possible. I instantly fell in love with Four and the fact that its Theo James in the movie (2014) makes it a whole lot better.

The plot is full of twists and the end of each chapter is left on a cliffhanger which just forces you to continue reading – resulting in you spending all day glued to it. I absaloutely love this book and i’m going to be reading Insurgent (part 2) very soon. Maybe just add it to my birthday list – HINT HINT MUM AND DAD.

From start to finish the book is full of events and therefore doesn’t get tedius at all. I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t yet read it. Its brill.

Have you read divergent? Leave me your thoughts below


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