Shop til you drop HAUL #1

So I went shopping.. again. I thought i’d share with you what i’d purchased mainly from primark. However, I’m going to split it into two different parts: Clothes, and Accessories – So make sure you check back tomorrow.


So as you can see, I bought quite a lot from Primark this weekend..Image

1. Acid wash dungarees – £13. I’ve been wanting some of these for so long and just could not resist when I saw a huuuuge collection of them at the doors. I can’t wait for some warm weather to arrive so I can wear them, until then i’ll be sticking on some tights underneath.


2. Light wash long Dungarees – £17. This item is by far my favourite purchase of the week. I am obsessed. I innitially went shopping for a shorter pair, but when I spotted these I fell in love and for just £17, I couldn’t say no. I first went shopping to buy some short dungarees from topshop which were £30 and for the same price I got two pairs. Not bad


3. Towel – £7. So this was a sort of instinct buy. My friend had one of these like 3 years ago on her holiday and I was so jealous. I personally just thought they were genious as i’m forever clipping my towel around myself on holiday and this just saves me the effort. I love it and the bright colours have completely got me into the holiday spirit. Can not wait for spaiiiin.


4&5. Two Bright Crop Tops – Yellow and White – £3 each. I’d seen these tops in River Island a while ago but thought they were far too much money at £10 each. And so, when I saw them in Primark for less than 1/3 of the cost I just had to buy them. I tried them on earlier and they look so good with both my dungarees and in the winter I will be throwing them on over a nice vest top. Eeeep

Have you been shopping recently? Got yourself a few bargains? Joined the dungaree hype?

Remember to return tomorrow for part two of my rather big haul.

Love love love

A little post to tell you EVERYTHING i’ve been loving recently.


  1. Firstly, my favourite act so far on Britain’s Got Talent 2013 – Attraction. These fascinated me and their performance actually made me cry. I’m so excited to see more. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it HERE. Its impressive.
  2. I’ve recently become obsessed with Bastille. The songs are so peaceful and just really nice to listen to. Definitely my new fave.
  3. Last month I rediscovered Mint Aeros and my gosh they are too nice. I even bought a Mint Aero Milkshake and that was just as good. Mmmmm
  4. A couple of years ago I was really into wearing flowers in my hear and built up a bit of a collection, but when they got banned in school I completely forgot about them and just stuffed them away in a draw. But I recently got them back out again and I love wearing them, they are my new ‘thing’.
  5. Finally, look magazine. I have loved this magazine for SO long now and love the bits and pieces it features. I try to pick one up every week and love to flick through it. My collection of them is HUGE – I have a 2 draws and a bag full of them.

A little bit of inspiration #2

20130507-233641.jpg‘Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections’.

I came across this on Pinterest and thought it’d be nice to put on my blog to share with you. Basically, why let little things get you down in the dumps when you can simply look past them. Nobody has a ‘perfect’ life as nobody even knows what a perfect life is. But plenty of people live a happy life as that is so much easier to do.

Theres no excuse for not being happy. By dwelling on something for so long is only depriving you of happiness and doesn’t allow you to move forward. If something personal happened such as a death, of course its upsetting and i’m not saying I’d be happy as though nothing happened but eventually i’d begin to move foward with my life because dwelling on it and making myself feel unhappy all the time will never change what has happened or bring someone back – its just ruining your own chances of a happy life.

So if something brings you down and makes you feel like the world is against you, you must learn to move on because once you’ve looked beyond the imperfections and realised that everybody has problems in life, it will make you feel ten times better. Just remember, a happy life is NOT a perfect life.

See last weeks quote HERE

Wish wish wish

Image| Michael Kors – Rose gold watch | Blog inc book | Ted Baker Coat | psbesitos book clutch | Top Shop Boots |

Just a few items that I want to splash out on. Love them all so much. Hint hint for birthday Dad.

  1. So i’m obsessed with rose gold jewellery at the minute, all of it looks so pretty. And this watch is just gorgeous, want want want.
  2. I spotted this book on Amazon and thought it would be worth a read – always looking for a few hints and tips for my blog.
  3. The Ted Baker coat is just beautiful yet expensive. Its so summer-y yet practical for the English weather.
  4. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a Book Clutch of Pride and Prejudice and psbesitos have such cute purses. I’ve seen others but they don’t seem practical to use for an everyday clutch but these are just perfect and I definitely will be getting one soon.
  5. I’ve had my eye on the Top Shop boots as they are so pretty, but the price has been holding me back at £70 but I do love them. Unfortunately though, they no longer have my size – fingers crossed they will get more stock for me.

Happy Birthday to you

I thought i’d dedicate my Mondays post to my older brother Bradley as today is his 20th Birthday. So Happy Birthday Brad!

Birthdays are always a great time of the year as in my family we have all the family round for snacks and drinks. Our birthdays are made incredibly special thanks to our amazing Mum and Dad who organise little ‘parties’ with cakes and banners. I’m so greatful to have the family that I have.

DSC_0154Bradley posing with his birthday cake.

DSC_0156Blowing out candles

DSC_0159My two brothers Jordan and Bradley, little Sully with Nanna, and me.



Bradley with my amazing Dad and beautiful Mum


Grandparents and Grandson


Grandparents and Grandchildren


Three generations

As you can see our Birthdays consist of many photographs of all the family.



April Favourites

Image| Body Care Loose Powder | Rimmel Apocolips – Big Bang | Rimmel Apocolips – Nude Eclipse | MAC brush 168 and 120 | Barry M Gelly Nail Paint – Prickly Pear |

Body Care Loose Powder – I have used a variety of loose powders but this one is by far my favourite. It applys very nicely and helps to hold your make-up in place for a long time. It also adds a bit of a glow to your skin and is great to highlight your cheeks and eyes. I love this product and will definitely be repurchasing it again in the future.

Rimmel Apocolips lip laquers – These lipglosses are A-MA-ZING. I didn’t used to wear a lot of lipgloss because I found they all were rather sticky and looked tacky but these are amazing. They apply thick but don’t stick or look odd. Apparently they are similar to the YSL lip stains which is one of the reasons why I bought them – for £5.99 they are perf. The only problem with them is the small amount of shades, I would love it if they would expand their collection. However, I will be purchasing Apocoliptic very soon too. Love them.

MAC Brushes – These two brushes are rather pricey at £26 but they are amazing. I innitially bought these for Prom with a variety of other bits and bobs from MAC. The brushes apply make-up perfectly and I use them every day. I use the 168 to apply my foundation and concealer and then the 120 for blush, and powder.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint – I bought this product in Prickly Pear and it has become one of my favourite nail products. The shine is amazing and are easy to apply as they don’t really need a top coat. I’m a rather clumsy person and these have taken quite a while before they chip – although I do type with chipped nails – but I have to admit I did last paint them about 3 weeks ago. It took a while for me to join the hype of Gelly Nail Paints but now i’m a big fan, and I can’t wait to buy their new Summer Nail collection which you can also see here on ETC LLYMLS.


A little MUA haul

So I went shopping… again.


I have had my eye on the MUA eye palletes for quite some time but I never believed that they’d be very good because of the very low price of £4. However, the low pricing just adds to how amazing this product is – other than the flimsy packaging, this product is perfect. I also picked up a couple of the MUA Nail Polishes after seeing so many bloggers writing about them. I was originally attracted to the bottles as they are complete copy of the Essie ones just a little smaller – but for £1 you can’t complain. The colours I bought were Bold Blue and Fever Red (above), I did intend to buy a few colours but the Superdrug in the Trafford Centre seemed to have ran out of most of the colours so I am planning to pop to another store and get some more colours ready for the summer.

DSC_0163As you can see from the above photograph the pallete consists of mainly shimmery neutral shades with only three Matte shades but all of them are so pretty  and wearable. I will definitely be picking up some different coloured palletes next time and hopefully i’ll learn a few more techniques so I can use them all the time.

The start of May

Happy May Everyone!Live not just survive

Recently I’ve been loving a little bit of inspiration and motivation, and a good quote to refer to really does help. Funnily enough I first heard this quote on The Voice UK last Saturday when one of the contestants said it, I really loved it, and then it popped up on Pinterest so I had to share it with you all.

You often see people letting themselves be miserable and unhappy because they think its natural to feel like that in order to survive. But its really not. You hear of people who’ve lived their lives neither happy nor unhappy doing normal things that is expected of you in life but although they aren’t left miserable and depressed they have no exciting stories or memories to look back on and tell their children and grandchildren. When I am old, I want to have things to look back on and be so proud of and happy about, things that I’d want to share with the world, and things that would make me feel like I have fulfilled every goal in life. I would want to feel like I have LIVED.

I do have many fears and worries when at 16, they should not even exist. But because I worry about everything, it makes me too scared to accomplish things and actually enjoy things that I should be loving. Flying and travelling for example, every year we go to Spain and I am excited to go all year round but when the actual day comes I feel sick and do not enjoy the plane journey AT ALL. A flight to spain only takes around 2 hours so its a lot easier to deal with but my fears stop me from going to places that I would love to visit. America and Australia – Both places that I would LOVE to go to so much, but my fears are holding me back and stopping me from living all the memories that I would love to have in the future.

Worrying, panicking, and being afraid does not allow me to live, it just simply lets me survive which is why I want to change it around. I want to stop worrying about things by looking at all the positives in situations, I want to go out places more and accomplish my fears. I also want to be more independent and confident to make it easier for my worries to go away and live my life without having something stupid stopping me and holding me back.

I hope this little quote has helped you in some way and made your 1st of May a lot happier.

What changes will you make for May? 

My April in pictures

I honestly can not believe its almost May. Where has time gone. This time last year I was in my last month of School sitting my exams and making the most of the last days with my friends – and yet, it doesn’t seem like 2 minutes ago.


| Dyed my hair back to my natural colour | Many photos of my little puppy Sully | Smoothies and Fudgecake with my bestest | The great sweetshop at the Trafford Centre | My future ADAM car | My Grandmas 101st Birthday – RIP | Rekindled my obsession with cheesy potatoes, J2O with lemonade, and red skittles | Got a cold and became addicted to Soothers | Fun times with my Dad | Many shopping trips and purchases – Models Own and Rimmel |

I have been using my creativity recently in order to change my blog around to make it more representative of myself. After changing the colours around and changing my header A LOT I think i’m finally happy with it so I would love to know what you think?

A bit of April organisation

April seems to have flown by so quickly, I have no idea where all the days have gone. This is only my second real month that I have had my blog and in comparison to the amount of posts in March, I feel like I have already neglected it with the lack of blogging. My aim was to blog at least twice per week but with everything being so busy and then getting a stupid cold, I wasn’t able to post as much as I had hoped. So for May I have decided i’m going to be more organised with my blog and take it a bit more seriously.

ImageIn order to be more organised I created a little time table sort of thing with a to do list. Here i’m going to stick on my post ideas and then put them under the relevant day. This is stuck onto my wall as I thought it would help to motivate me and help me to be a bit more prepared for my posts. You might notice that there is only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the list – and yes, I do know there is four days I have missed off – but my plan is to post every day at the start of the week. And if I happen to miss a day then it will be posted on a different day when I have some spare time so that I will be posting 3 times per week.

I also have a rather sad obsession with Paperchase. I have no idea why fancy paper and overly priced notebooks excite me but hey ho I just could not resist and had to buy it. Unlike the majority of my notepads that are sat in my drawer because I am too scared to use them, I put my pretty pink one to good use. I use it to plan my weekly posts, any other ideas, and to record things such as my monthly followers or stick in any lovely comments I might get so that I can look back through and smile (so feel free to leave a nice comment for my book hahaha). I also picked up a pack of lined cards from Asda and use those to take down any other notes or to plan out things scruffily before I put them in my notebook – I think I might have a tiny bit of OCD when it comes to notebooks, woops.

So yes, theres my little rambly post of the month as its rather late as I type this and I seem to have  babbled on about nothing for a while, BUT you’ve now learned how to put your organisational skills to use for blogging. I will hopefully stick to this plan so I don’t let my blog fall behind again in May.