A little bit of Arm Candie


I LOVE this bag. With a name like Rebekka (with two k’s) I have never been able to have things like headbands, stickers, placemats etc that have my name on unlike my brothers and my friends did – which did rather annoy me back in the day. Even though that was all in the past, my Mum surprised me with one of these bags and I absaloutely love it. It looks so pretty and summery, and not only that but it has MY NAME down the side and a little picture of me on it. What more could you ask for?

I currently use this to hold all my magazines in so that I can show it off in my room instead of it being shoved in my wardrobe like the rest of my bags. However, in the summer I intend to use it A LOT more as it stores so much for holidays and trips out here and there. Its just a perfect bag that most people are already jealous of.

These bags have featured in many of my magazines and are being sold at £40 and more. However, my bag was bought from my Mums close friend at a fraction of the cost yet look so much nicer. Joannes’s Arm Candie bags are personalised according to you and every single one she makes looks amazing. I am so pleased with it and can’t wait to show it off properly.


Above are just a few celebrities that I’ve found with similar bags to mine, including Amelia Lily, Michelle Keegan, and Little Mix. I’m definitely going to be buying some more for the perfect gifts for friends, and maybe treat myself to another to keep my make-up in.

What do you think? Do you have/want one of these bags?


Another Nicholas Sparks – The Last Song

‘A story about family, first loves, second chances and the moments in life that lead you back home’

As you will all have probably guessed by now, I am a big book lover. I love a good book regardless of previous reviews as I usually disagree with most negative reviews anyway hahaha. However, for Christmas last year my Nanna and Grandad bought me The Last Song on DVD and the book, and as you probably know I love love love the film and it has got to be my favourite movie now regardless of its cheesiness. Last month though I decided to read the book and so as promised here is my thoughts and feelings about my read of The Last Song.


I must admit that when I first picked up the book I thought that I’d get quite bored because I had watched the film and was expecting to just be reading exactly what I had watched. This was definitely not the case. Each chapter changes Narrator which I thought added a great touch to the book as you got an insight into each characters feelings and thoughts instead of just the main character of Ronnie. It also added much more emotion to the novel and it made you picture the atmosphere as though you were actually there with them. It also broke the book up a bit meaning you can put the book down after each chapter instead of being tied to reading the majority of the novel all at once. However, I did still read it fairly quickly as I just couldn’t put the book down.

I also loved that the book still completely shocked me even though I had watched the movie about a million times. Unfortunately the film didn’t feature a few main parts of the novel, which is slightly disappointing, however it did add a bit more excitement when reading. The characters of Will and Ronnie instantly connect with the reader and I instantly fell in love with both of them. Each narrator in the chapters help to portray other characters and make you like characters such as Steve and Jonah, yet also make you dislike characters such as Marcus and Ashley. It also manages to make you smile, even laugh, but also cry at different parts in the novel.

I loved this book and definitely recommend YOU to pick it up on Amazon for £5.59 or if you’re a kindle lover £4.99.

Have you read The Last Song? Are you a bookworm? What books are you reading/loving at the moment? Leave your comments below

Little Purchases

Feels like I haven’t posted on here for quite a while, 10 days ago (to be precise) I posted and said that I was aiming to do at least two posts per week and I admit I haven’t been doing great. Apologies. Basically, I had an idea for my post a while back but then I got a stupid cold with a constant bad throat and I just wasn’t in the mood to be editing and posting but now that i’m at the end of it I will be posting on here a lot more regularly as I have a few ideas for this month. Yay!

Although I was full of a cold, I just could not resist a little shop when it became an option so me and my family took a trip to the Trafford Centre last weekend and a few other little places here and there so I thought I’d share with you a couple of things that I bought.

ImageAbove you can see my 5 favourite items that I have purchased this week.

First I’ll go straight to my most recent purchases which are the three beautiful nail polishes. I bought these colours because they were cute pastel colours and just thought they were perfect for the spring season and are my three favourite colours as you will be able to tell from my updated banner at the top of the page.


I love this Barry M shade because its just so pale and a spring colour. I also realised that I am short of purply colours in my growing collection so I knew there was a need for one. Love it.


This colour is just so pretty! Its like a pastel coral colour and I just loved it. I’ve been wanting to give the Gelly Hi Shine Nails a whirl for a while and took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer in Boots.


Now this polish is my absaloute fave. I saw this collection was coming out after reading a few other beauty blogs and then they appeared in my magazine and I fell in love. So when I saw them in boots with the whole 3 for 2 thing going on I just couldn’t resist. All of the shades were beautiful but the Apple Pie was one that I didn’t yet have in my collection – the amazing apple scent is just great too.


 I saw this product after reading about it on Behind These Closed Eyes which is a blog that I am loving at the minute as she inspires me to use so many products so when she wrote about the Coconut Oil – I pretty much went out and bought it the next day and I love it already. This it great for damaged hair like mine with ridiculous dead ends, yet is also amazing for dry skin. I use this every day and my hair already feels softer. So thank you Kirsty!


 Last but definitely not least is my AMAZING candle. I bought this on Easter Weekend on a trip to Hebden Bridge in a cute querky shop. They had so many different scents to pick from but I am a total Parma Violets addict and so I just couldn’t leave the shop without buying this. Its currently just an ‘on show’ candle because I just don’t want to use it all so soon so I shall save it a bit longer. Hahaha

Have you got any of these products? Do you have any recommendations? Leave your comments below and I’d be happy to read them

April Reads

So since the 30 Day Blogging Challenge has ended I have realised that the amount of posts that I have done has decreased significantly so I apologise for that hahaha. Basically, with it being Easter week, its been more of a family week where we’ve had several shopping trips and just gone out and done family things. However, I am aiming to upload at least two posts per week so make sure you check up on my blog regularly or follow me so you recieve updates whenever I upload I new post.


Todays (rather late) post will be about my recent Amazon order. As you will have realised if you have read through a few of my other posts, I am a complete bookworm and can sit and read a book for hours and finish it within a day, I just love reading. However, a couple of weeks ago I started reading The Last Song and literally was glued to the book (I intend to do a little review on it soon) but when I finished it I was devastated because I had no other books to read and so entered the world of Amazon and Goodreads in search of a new book.. but I ended up with three.

ImageThe books I decided on in the end were Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Gone Girl.

After searching the charts for books I eventually decided on these three after reading the good reviews. I found Gone Girl in the charts and was about fifth when I saw it and the reviews were amazing so I’m excited to give that a read. Its a lot different to the types of books I usually read but I fancied a bit of a change in my selection – plus the cover feels so nice.

I also chose Something Borrowed after recently watching it on Sky and fell in love with it. The storyline is so cute and just my cup of tea. When I watched it I had no idea that it was based on a novel until it appeared in my searches on Amazon and wanted it straight away so I can’t wait to read that and I think that will be the first book I will be reading out of the three. When I was purchasing this, I came across Something Blue which from the title you will probably already know that it is the sequal to Something Borrowed and so obviously I had to get that too.

So now I can’t wait to start my reading. What are you reading at the moment? Have you read any of these books? Leave your comments below

March Favourites

So my 30 day blog post challenge came to an end when I completed day 30 yesterday. Although I was sad that that part of my blog had come to an end, i’m incredibly excited for the upcoming posts that I wish to blog about. Today, I thought i’d do my very first ‘favourites’ blog post because I’ve read so many blogs that have theres that I thought i’d tell you all about the beauty products that I have been loving recently.

ImageAbove is the pictures of all the products I have been loving recently. They vary from make up products, to nail varnish, to hair products so I hope you enjoy this post!

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo – Oh my gosh, I absaloutely love this hair product. I bleach my hair A LOT which doesn’t do my hair much good so i decided that I wanted to stop bleaching it as much to give my hair a break in the hope that it will become healthier again. However, when I stopped dying and bleaching my hair blonder I found that every so often my hair would be come a brassy yellow-y colour which I really disliked so I looked into some things that I could buy which would knock out the horrible colours without damaging my hair. And thats when I came across this little miracle. When you first put the shampoo on its quite scary because its literally the bright purple colour that it looks on the picture and I must admit I was slightly scared to put this on my bleached hair but once you lather it in and rinse it out it leaves no purple behind but completely restores the blondeness in your hair. It recommends on the back that you don’t use this product in your regular routine and so I literally only use it when I feel that my hair needs it and it does the trick perfectly. So any bleach blondes out there HAVE to buy this product, its great.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth – Shampoo and Conditioner – I realise that I sound rather obsessed with the Lee Stafford products but honestly, they are absaloutely amazing and I wish i’d have discovered them a lot sooner. When I first saw this product I didn’t really believe what it said it was going to do but because there was like a 3 for 2 deal on at boots I thought i’d give them a whiz and I am so glad that I did because I literally use this product every time I wash my hair. Obviously, my hair didn’t grow like a foot in length after the first use but it has definitely gotten significantly longer. Like I said earlier, a couple of years ago I stupidly decided to dye my hair brown and then a few months later realised how much I hated it and literally bleached my hair completely back to it was before which left my hair ultra damaged and dry. So it took a while for my hair to look healthier again and for it to grow which is why I bought this product and it has definitely grown a few inches in the last few months that I have had it which i’m incredibly pleased with. Plus, both the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and leave a gorgeous scent in your hair, its beautiful!

Soap and Glory – Clean on me – I hadn’t really used Soap and Glory before until a friend bought me a box of mini Soap and Glory products, and even then I had them sitting in the box looking pretty before I actually started using them a couple of months ago. This ‘Clean on me’ shower gel stood out the most for me because it feels completely cleansing on the skin and smells amazing. It also works well in the bath with the amount of bubbles it creates and i’m a sucker for a hot bubble bath hahaha

 No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation – I only recently started using this and its far better than the others i’ve used and a fraction of the cost. I began using MAC foundation last year and I was literally obsessed with it but when the new No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation was advertised with its fancy little checker thing I really wanted to give it a try to see if it was as good for the £14 and it totally is. I’m so impressed with this product, It feels so light on your face and doesn’t even feel like you have make up on when you first apply it unlike other foundations that I have tried. It also has good coverage although I do still use concealer, it wouldn’t be a big problem if I ran out of it because it does hide the redness of spots and blemishes. It also is really easy to blend and lasts all day. The only problem is that you have to use quite a few squirts so it probably will run out quicker but i’m still on my first bottle and I’ve had it for a while now. I love this foundation and will definitely be buying it again.

Elizabeth Arden Bronzing Powder Duo – I bought this product a while ago when I was on the plane which is slightly odd but the price was amazing as you got the bronzing duo, eye shadow duo, a brush and a lipgloss for about £20 which I thought was a really good price for the amount of things you get for your money. This bronzing powder has a light shade and dark shade with a shimmer to it and it looks so beautiful when applied and it is perfect for contouring. I use this product as part of my make up routine every day and it never fails to look nice.

MAC Mineralize Blush – Dainty – I absaloutely LOVE this blush. I bought this product for my prom and the lady at the counter matched my make up and found shades that were suitable for my skintone. This colour looks quite bright but it blends beautifully and this also has a bit of a shimmer to it and therefore looks good with every day casual make up, yet also looks classy when dressing up smart. I use it everyday and yet it doesn’t seem to have gone down at all in the little case so its definitely a product that will last a while and worth the price.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish – Soft and Gentle – As you might be able to tell I went a bit crazy at the MAC counter before my prom and bought all sorts but this is amazing! It adds a shimmer and an amazing glow to your face when you have finished your routine and just completes it. I haven’t been wearing it everyday because I don’t want to use it all up so quick and so I save it for when i’m going somewhere to add to my look. I love this product and will be so sad when its all gone!

BarryM Fine Glitter Dust – This glitter dust is just perfect and I wear it every time I go out to add a bit of a sparkle to my eyes. I only use it when i’m going out because it does definitely stand out on your eyes and is more of a ‘dressy’ kind of make up product so would probably look too over the top for a little trip to the shop. It is so pretty though and I really want to purchase some more colours in it that would be suitable for an every day wearing.

Rimmel Nail Polish – Metal Rush – I have been wearing this polish so much recently because it just fascinates me. The colour changes from silver, to purple, to green, depending on the light that its in and it looks so shimmery and beautiful. The nails only need one coat when using the product so doesn’t take too much faffing about and looks so pretty with a glitter top coat (I do this all the time because it looks like stars hahaha). It is so easy to apply and wearable with every outfit possible due to the changing colour, i absaloutely love it.

What are your favourite beauty products of March? Have you purchased any of the products above? Leave your comments below

Day 30 – Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit

So this is the last post of the 30 day blogging challenge. I realise that this post was supposed to be posted yesterday but this weekend has been so busy that I’ve only just turned on my laptop. However, I would like some ideas of what topics I should blog about this month so please drop a comment anywhere!


So there are two ideal places that I would love to visit or live and these are Ireland and Australia. And yes, I know they are like two completely different extremes on opposite sides of the world but they both look amazing places to live. 

Ireland because of the amazing views and amounts of greenery and countryside. But more importantly because of the A-MA-ZING accent, its just great! I’d be extremely disapointed if I hadn’t picked up the accent so I think I’d have to live there for quite a while hahaha

Also, Australia because of the amazing weather – living in a place without the horrible weather would be great! Also its just a completely different lifestyle which would be fascinating to live in and adapt to. I’d love to see the different cultures and everyday lives in different parts of the world and Australia definitely appeals to me. 

Hopefully one day I’ll get to visit these places and maybe even live there for a few years if i’m lucky! fingers crossed hahaha

Which places would you like to visit? Drop a comment with your ideal places and some blog post ideas if you’re feeling ultra nice today hahaha

Day 29 – Something i’m currently worrying about

ImageSo as you’ll be able to tell from reading a few of my other blog posts is that I do actually worry about EVERYTHING. I always have to have a plan in my head before I do things and if things don’t stick to my little imaginary plan then I just worry for no apparent reason – which if you’ll see from my very first blog post, its on my resolutions to stop worrying about things that are irrelevant.

But something i’m worrying about right now is if things don’t turn out the way I plan them or If I end up regreting making a decision that I have made. But really I just need to start looking at positive sides to things rather than always thinking something will go wrong as a solution to my worries because right now this minute, these things aren’t worth worrying about because things are turning out well and I don’t regret anything yet so why worry ‘just in case’ it a total waste of energy. 

I realise todays blog post is very short in comparison to my others but I’ve just got in from a very cold walk and my hands are now FREEZING meaning its taken me about an hour to type it since my fingers are numb. But you could always just read my previous posts, give them a like and maybe even follow my blog if you’re feeling generous hahahaha 

Day 28 – Something/Someone that you miss

miss you
picture stolen from pinterest – as per usual

Something that I miss is school – and I never actually ever thought that i’d say that. Whilst I was there all I did was wish the days on because I just couldn’t wait to leave and not go back but now I’d actually give anything to go back again for another year. I’ll admit year 7 was awful, it was the year you had to try and make an impression on everyone to get friends and aim for a good reputation and I made some slightly different friends which didn’t turn out great and I haven’t actually spoken to them since but in year 8 I made the best friends who I am still so close with now. Year 8 was definitely my best year. However, in year 9 I got split up from those friends and made new ones but year 9 was definitely the year I grew up a bit and had more of a laugh rather than trying to make friends – my empty year 9 geography book just says it all hahahaha. The last two years were more of an up and down, I didn’t enjoy year 10 so much because it was the first year I would sit some of my GCSE’s and the stress finally hit me and I worried about it a lot more than I needed to meaning the outcome of my results didn’t make me the happiest. But in year 11, I resat the exams I didn’t excel in and did a lot better than I expected and I was so so happy. Year 11 was definitely the best/stressful/saddest school year, I loved the responsibility we got and the ability to have a laugh and a joke with teachers and friends, but we had quite a few exams which I think I handled much better. Then we left, and I cried. The summer holidays that year were great because I just thought ‘NO MORE SCHOOL’, little did I know that college would be pretty much the same, but worse.

I really do wish that I could go back to school for year 8 onwards and not have a day off and enjoy every single day because I do miss it so much. When I drive past or see the school kids walking home I wish I was them hahaha. I also miss the friends that I made who I ended up losing touch with from going to different colleges or chosing different subjects meaning I hardly see them. The teachers as well, some teachers I hated and i’m glad I left them behind, but others I miss so much because over the last 5 years seeing the same teachers over and over you become familiar with them and when suddenly they aren’t there to turn to its rather difficult.

So basically I miss my school days, which is even surprising to me. – I miss the time table, the lessons, the teachers, all the people in it, the familiarity, and my close friends. EVERYTHING.

If you’re reading this and are still in school hating every minute of it. DON’T! ENJOY IT or you’ll regret it afterwards – trust me on that one.

Day 27 – Your fears


ImageI don’t really have proper fears apart from the obvious ones of like dying and things. That obviously scares me. However I am sometimes scared of making a decision that is wrong for me and it turning out to be a mistake. I hate the feeling of regret and so I fear the decisions that I make before I even make up my mind which is why I resort to writing a list of pros and cons so I can see which decision is write for me much clearer. Linking to my last post, I also get scared of going places incase something happens, like a fear of the unknown. But this hardly ever happens so I need to stop letting it hold me back and risk it – even if i make the wrong decision at least I can say that I take risks and i’ve done it – whether that be me going shopping with friends or jumping out of a plane, i’ve still faced the fear. So take risks and face your fears because most of the time you’ll feel 100% better for doing so.

Although this links to the little motivational speech I just made I do have one fear that is incredibly stupid, and that is my fear of Michael Jackson. My brothers used to joke and say he was in my wardrobe and ever since then its been a fear that all my friends tease me about and do horrible things like posting pictures of him on my wall (which is just plain mean if you ask me hahaha).

Day 26 – A problem that I have had

ImageObviously I have problems every now and then but half of them are only problems to myself because nobody else thinks they are a big deal but I tend to worry too much about a little thing until it turns into a massive problem in my head. I’m an overthinker and all.

I have had problems in the past with all sorts – making my own decisions, deciding whether or not to go out, stuck on some work, minor fall outs with friends. But none of these things are problems that have actually stuck with me until now meaning that not any of these are problems worth worrying about because half the time they are solved within a day or so.

And.. like the very good quote taken from Pinterest made by the amazing Captain Jack Sparrow ~ its not the problem that causes you trouble and stress, its the way you handle it. You can either let it get you down so you’re depressed and worrying, or alternatively, you can take it as a challenge and be proud of yourself for dealing with it so calmly and have a little celebration when its over hahahaha

BUT always remember, A problem shared is a problem halved. And trust me, this is so true. The more people that know about it, the more help you will recieve to solve it.