Wish wish wish

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Just a few items that I want to splash out on. Love them all so much. Hint hint for birthday Dad.

  1. So i’m obsessed with rose gold jewellery at the minute, all of it looks so pretty. And this watch is just gorgeous, want want want.
  2. I spotted this book on Amazon and thought it would be worth a read – always looking for a few hints and tips for my blog.
  3. The Ted Baker coat is just beautiful yet expensive. Its so summer-y yet practical for the English weather.
  4. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a Book Clutch of Pride and Prejudice and psbesitos have such cute purses. I’ve seen others but they don’t seem practical to use for an everyday clutch but these are just perfect and I definitely will be getting one soon.
  5. I’ve had my eye on the Top Shop boots as they are so pretty, but the price has been holding me back at £70 but I do love them. Unfortunately though, they no longer have my size – fingers crossed they will get more stock for me.

Another Nicholas Sparks – The Last Song

‘A story about family, first loves, second chances and the moments in life that lead you back home’

As you will all have probably guessed by now, I am a big book lover. I love a good book regardless of previous reviews as I usually disagree with most negative reviews anyway hahaha. However, for Christmas last year my Nanna and Grandad bought me The Last Song on DVD and the book, and as you probably know I love love love the film and it has got to be my favourite movie now regardless of its cheesiness. Last month though I decided to read the book and so as promised here is my thoughts and feelings about my read of The Last Song.


I must admit that when I first picked up the book I thought that I’d get quite bored because I had watched the film and was expecting to just be reading exactly what I had watched. This was definitely not the case. Each chapter changes Narrator which I thought added a great touch to the book as you got an insight into each characters feelings and thoughts instead of just the main character of Ronnie. It also added much more emotion to the novel and it made you picture the atmosphere as though you were actually there with them. It also broke the book up a bit meaning you can put the book down after each chapter instead of being tied to reading the majority of the novel all at once. However, I did still read it fairly quickly as I just couldn’t put the book down.

I also loved that the book still completely shocked me even though I had watched the movie about a million times. Unfortunately the film didn’t feature a few main parts of the novel, which is slightly disappointing, however it did add a bit more excitement when reading. The characters of Will and Ronnie instantly connect with the reader and I instantly fell in love with both of them. Each narrator in the chapters help to portray other characters and make you like characters such as Steve and Jonah, yet also make you dislike characters such as Marcus and Ashley. It also manages to make you smile, even laugh, but also cry at different parts in the novel.

I loved this book and definitely recommend YOU to pick it up on Amazon for £5.59 or if you’re a kindle lover £4.99.

Have you read The Last Song? Are you a bookworm? What books are you reading/loving at the moment? Leave your comments below