30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 11 – A bad habit I have

So, I was actually stuck for what to write for Todays blog post – aside from the boring old ‘i bite my nails’ I couldn’t really think of a bad habit that I could tell you about.. so I approached my family to help me, since they know me better than anyone, they’ll be able to identify my bad habits easier.

The first thing my Dad said was that I have a bad habit of accidentally forgetting my money when I go shopping with him. But of course, it is an honest mistake hahaha. I’m a total shoppaholic but, as seen in my ’20 facts about myself’ blog post from Day 6 of the Blogging Challenge, I hate to spend my money. I think its because usually when I go shopping with friends I end up buying loads of things and when I come home I regret buying it all.. and ever since I have had a phobea of spending money. (i’m joking, its not that serious but I do dislike it)Therefore, when I go shopping with my Dad i use the excuse ‘i’ll pay you back when we’re home’ or ‘theres no point taking my bag’ etc, (hahaha feel free to use my techniques) 😉 Sometimes I do genuinely forget my purse but most of the time I ‘accidentally’ leave it behind. Recently, I have been good at spending my money though but I use ‘shall we go halves?’ with my parents so I get a great discount really.


But, if you knew me you would be really proud of me as yesterday I went for a good old shop at the Trafford Centre AKA heaven and spent some of my own money. I spent £18 in Accessorize and bought a beautiful statement necklace and some cute daisy earrings. And then bought myself a leather jacket and some boots from Republic. I am so proud of myself.

I am working on my habit you see. If only you could buy expensive things but without spending any money. Somebody really needs to invent something so I can do that.

I know its not really a typical bad habit but I thought this was a better approach to the post as I could write more about it and any readers would be able to learn something else about me – that I love to shop.