30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 18 – How important you think education is

Yes, education is important to some extent but purely because it allows you to develop your own personalities, learn to cope by yourself and not depend on your parents as much, but most importantly because without school I wouldn’t have ever made the amazing friends that I have.

In my opinion the most important years are Primary School and Secondary School as they show you both the basics and significant things you need to learn in life. But does what we learn actually relate to real life? For example in Science I learnt the periodic time-table, all about different chemical reactions and forces but have I ever actually had to use this information that I spent so long revising? No. In Maths, we learnt algebra but have I ever been in a serious situation where I needed to work out the value of x? Again, no. So the actually education is actually no use to me in real life at all. I get that in some subjects you learn important things that everybody should be aware of such as History, Geography and English because without them you wouldn’t know about the history of the world, about things that take place in different countries and places, or even how to write a letter which do come in handy every once in a while.

But aside from learning these very limited handy things and from making the most amazing friends and memories what else does education have to offer? I loved Primary School and High School but i’m going to be perfectly honest and say that I absaloutely hated college. I thought that the whole experience was incredibly over-rated and just seemed to cause unnecessary stress which just wasn’t worth the wasted energy at all. The lessons seemed to drag and it got to the point where I really didn’t enjoy it there and actually dreaded going every morning. Not because of anything inparticular but just because the work that I was doing wasn’t enjoyable or interesting in any way.

Although, people would argue that without A-levels and a degree then you can’t do well in life or get a good job but who says I can’t be successful just because I don’t have those four irrelevant qualifications? Theres plenty of famous entrepreneurs that if you actually looked into their background they would have no qualifications and have set up their dream business by themselves and are now earning millions. So, give me the time and I will be one of those people who earns so much money, is happy, and is incredibly successful at what I do – and i’ll show those people that their judgements and predictions are wrong.

Also, If you actually think about it the exams nowadays are just a test of memory. Who can actually remember the exact information they were tested on in year 7? Because I certainly can’t and I left school in July 2012 and I have forgotten a third of the things that I was taught purely because I revised so much before the exam that I could just write it all down on the paper and after the exam I could cross it off my list and forget about it. So in the real world if hypothetically I got a degree in Science, how would I possibly be able to do well in that job if within a year most of the things i’ve learnt were no longer stored in my memory, it would be incredibly difficult to do a job where I have forgotten most of the vital information needed to do it. So, in the same amount of time it would take me to go to college and get a degree and anything else that you apparently need to ‘be successful’ I could have been to work, got experience and learned the roles and the REAL information needed for a job. Surely experience is far better than a piece of paper that just leaves you with mega student debts?

I realise I’ve just had a rant for like a million pages but i’ve just completely expressed my opinion and I do understand that everyone will have different opinions and will disagree with me but in no way did I mean to upset anyone as I am entitled to my own opinion too. I hope you enjoy reading my little argument and hopefully you will appreciate my views on the ‘education’ subject hahaha 🙂


Little inpirational picture stolen from Pinterest, my favourite website for a little bit of inspiration.