Day 23 – Your zodiac/horoscope and if it fits your personality

ImageAs usual I got my picture from Pinterest.

I haven’t ever actually looked into my horoscope/zodiac really until writing this post and its actually quite interesting in the similarities that it actually tells you to who your person actually is. So I googled it and ended up on this website which told me some of the qualities that people with the Zodiac ‘Cancer’ often share and it can be surprising with the accuracy whether the information is completely fictional or not. 

The first thing that I picked up on was that it told me that Cancer’s are usually ‘over-reactive and moody’, as much as I don’t want to admit it.. it could be true I suppose. I do over-react if my brothers annoy me, or if something shocks me or scares me and I am definitely one to exagerate the whole situation when telling the tale back to someone. If i’m in an incredibly bad mood and someone annoys me I can completely over-react to the point of shouting and crying.. but only on my bad days hahahaha

It also said ‘you adapt when you have to, but you much prefer to make changes on your own terms’ and this totally relates to me. I hate when someone/something changes something in my day to day life without me having an opinion or given any control in what happens – hate it. I prefer so much more being in control of my own life and make a change if I feel that its right or better for me. A very minor example was at college, in one of my subjects the teacher changed the whole seating plan so he moved us next to people we barely knew – I went through with it and coped with the lessons but I hated it so much. However, in one of my other subjects I asked the teacher if I could move somewhere else so I could concentrate and because I was in control of the ‘change’ I was perfectly fine.

‘Creative enterprises are a great way to make the most of your moods and your imagination. Music and writing are perfect vehicles for you. You can express the inner part of your being as entertaining literary, art or music pieces.’ This could also fit my personality because I have music on my ipod that fits every one of my moods so if i’m feeling sad then I listen to slow songs so I can feel sorry for myself just a little bit longer hahaha and if i’m feeling energetic and lively then I just listen to more of an upbeat song then dance and sing at the top of my voice around my room – you know, because I can. I also love writing too, hense the massive amounts of writing i’ve done so far on this post (I apologise if you lost interest in this post a while back but I like to talk, oh and if you’ve reached this far with interest then WELL DONE, might as well carry on – maybe even like the post and give me a follow whilst your at it).

You love to collect or keep mementos — such as scrapbooks and other bits and pieces — that bring back memories of good times and people you care about. You have a great memory, not just for facts, but also any good turn or kindness you’ve received. – I do this too! I am obsessed with keeping little things such as train tickets, concert things, pictures etc, and sticking them in my scrapbook or putting them on my wall so I can look through later on and smile at the great memories i’ve spent with people I love. On the last day of High School I also took a little book with me and let all my close friends write a little message in there for me with our memories and things and I love reading through it (even if it does make me sad reading memories from people I’m no longer close with). But for most outings i’ve had I have a little thing that reminds me of the day whether it is just a boring little ticket, a drinks mat, or an amazing picture from the night to preserve a great memory.