Day 29 – Something i’m currently worrying about

ImageSo as you’ll be able to tell from reading a few of my other blog posts is that I do actually worry about EVERYTHING. I always have to have a plan in my head before I do things and if things don’t stick to my little imaginary plan then I just worry for no apparent reason – which if you’ll see from my very first blog post, its on my resolutions to stop worrying about things that are irrelevant.

But something i’m worrying about right now is if things don’t turn out the way I plan them or If I end up regreting making a decision that I have made. But really I just need to start looking at positive sides to things rather than always thinking something will go wrong as a solution to my worries because right now this minute, these things aren’t worth worrying about because things are turning out well and I don’t regret anything yet so why worry ‘just in case’ it a total waste of energy.¬†

I realise todays blog post is very short in comparison to my others but I’ve just got in from a very cold walk and my hands are now FREEZING meaning its taken me about an hour to type it since my fingers are numb. But you could always just read my previous posts, give them a like and maybe even follow my blog if you’re feeling generous¬†hahahaha¬†