30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5 – Favourite Quote

‘People that mind don’t matter, and people that matter don’t mind’

This quote means a lot to me. It basically means that you shouldn’t worry about what other people think of you because if they are really worth worrying about then they won’t mind. And if they do mind then they aren’t worth the worrying because they aren’t true friends.

I like this quotation because it makes me feel better when I’m panicking and worrying about things as it puts it straight that half the things I worry about aren’t worth the hassle. It also helps you realise who your true friends are as if they do react to what you do negatively then you know they aren’t your true friends and aren’t worth your efforts, you should just forget about them and move on focussing on yourself in life. 

Recently I’ve thought of this and its helped me to make the decisions that I want, and not the decisions of what other people want. For example, when I started blogging I worried too much about what my friends thought of me and I first started blogging under an anonymous name so that nobody would ever find out it was me. But as I thought more about it I realised that if my friends really were my friends then they would support me and wouldn’t be bothered by it so really its a bit of a test of who my true friends really are. Also, when I made my final decision that I want to leave college I was concerned about what people in general would say about me but who actually cares about what they think? I certainly don’t. I’ll let them think what they want but If it makes me happier then I’m going to do it and not look back because its my life and I need to start doing things for me without being more worried about what other people will think. 

So if you’re ever worried or panicking about absolutely anything, then think of this quote and i’m almost certain it will help you to put it all into context and make you realise that you shouldn’t be worrying about it. But don’t let what other people might be thinking of you hold you back from doing things that you want to do because they will be the ones that continue living their lives, but you’ll be the one that regrets not following your heart… Just remember..