Day 26 – A problem that I have had

ImageObviously I have problems every now and then but half of them are only problems to myself because nobody else thinks they are a big deal but I tend to worry too much about a little thing until it turns into a massive problem in my head. I’m an overthinker and all.

I have had problems in the past with all sorts – making my own decisions, deciding whether or not to go out, stuck on some work, minor fall outs with friends. But none of these things are problems that have actually stuck with me until now meaning that not any of these are problems worth worrying about because half the time they are solved within a day or so.

And.. like the very good quote taken from Pinterest made by the amazing Captain Jack Sparrow ~ its not the problem that causes you trouble and stress, its the way you handle it. You can either let it get you down so you’re depressed and worrying, or alternatively, you can take it as a challenge and be proud of yourself for dealing with it so calmly and have a little celebration when its overĀ hahahaha

BUT always remember, A problem shared is a problem halved. And trust me, this is so true. The more people that know about it, the more help you will recieve to solve it.