Family and sunny mondays

So last weeks Bank Holiday was also my brothers birthday so we decided to have a little trip to St Annes and go to the beach with Sully.

DSC_0162As you can see the above picture isn’t the best as I’m squinting because of how bright the sun was. Also, I was unaware that the photo was being taken. Hahaha.

It was such a lovely time there though. I love hot weather. Sun, shorts, Ice-cream – whats not to love? I realise todays post is quite short but I just wanted it to be a nice little update for my Friday.

What posts would you like to see next week?



Happy Birthday to you

I thought i’d dedicate my Mondays post to my older brother Bradley as today is his 20th Birthday. So Happy Birthday Brad!

Birthdays are always a great time of the year as in my family we have all the family round for snacks and drinks. Our birthdays are made incredibly special thanks to our amazing Mum and Dad who organise little ‘parties’ with cakes and banners. I’m so greatful to have the family that I have.

DSC_0154Bradley posing with his birthday cake.

DSC_0156Blowing out candles

DSC_0159My two brothers Jordan and Bradley, little Sully with Nanna, and me.



Bradley with my amazing Dad and beautiful Mum


Grandparents and Grandson


Grandparents and Grandchildren


Three generations

As you can see our Birthdays consist of many photographs of all the family.



30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 7 – 5 Things I couldn’t possibly live without


A nice little picture from Pinterest to go with todays theme :’) awwww

1. Family

My family mean the world to me. Without them I don’t know what i’d do, my Mum and Dad are ALWAYS there for me, and help me when I need them – and go shopping with me;-) as much as I can get annoyed and frustrated with them, they are the most important people in my life who I love so much. I also have two brothers who are more like my best friends; I can trust them with pretty much everything and they never fail to cheer me up when I’m down – they literally make me laugh in some way every single day. We can fall out and annoy eachother but we always end up being best mates again a few minutes later, love them both so much! 

2. My Phone

I never go anywhere without my phone, I just can’t leave it. I need it to contact my friends, to check my facebook and twitter, I even have the WordPress app on it so that I can check and update my blog. Although, the main reason I probably need my phone so much is for the time, I don’t wear a watch as much as I used to and I can’t stand not knowing what time it is – it frustrates me when I don’t know it. 

3. Books

I’m a total bookworm and I’m constantly looking for new books to read. I love having a good book that I just cannot put down. I’m a total nerd when it comes to books – i like them to be in order, I hate it when they get damaged and I especially hate it when people fold down the corners. JUST USE A BOOKMARK gosh!;) I find it so peaceful and relaxing when I go to bed and read my books until I get tired, I love it. I’m currently reading The Last Song after watching it AGAIN for the millionth time. I only started reading it today but i’ll do a blogpost once i’m done with a quick review. 

4. Friends

After coming to my decision to leave college, I knew that i’d need my friends more than ever. And in the past few weeks where I wasn’t myself at college they were all amazing and I honestly can’t imagine a group of better friends. I wouldn’t be able to bare being without them and couldn’t possibly live without our regular chats and gossip sessions. 

5. My bed

My bed is like the comfiest thing in my life. I love lying in bed with a movie, or my laptop, or a book and just getting comfy and relaxing. Going to bed and getting engaged in a book just lets my mind shut off and helps me get a good night sleep. My bed is also the perfect place to think, although it can be rather annoying when I think too much into things to the point where I get worried about nothing but usually my bed helps me to relax and without it i wouldn’t be able to cope. Its way too comfortable (I’m lazy *yawwwwn*)