Family and sunny mondays

So last weeks Bank Holiday was also my brothers birthday so we decided to have a little trip to St Annes and go to the beach with Sully.

DSC_0162As you can see the above picture isn’t the best as I’m squinting because of how bright the sun was. Also, I was unaware that the photo was being taken. Hahaha.

It was such a lovely time there though. I love hot weather. Sun, shorts, Ice-cream – whats not to love? I realise todays post is quite short but I just wanted it to be a nice little update for my Friday.

What posts would you like to see next week?



Day 22 – What you wore today

I was looking forward to this blog post from first seeing it on the list and had been planning on the type of things i’d write and show you so you get an insight into my wardrobe. However, today did not go to the plan when I woke up to a windy snowy mess outside and so decided to go for some cosy pyjamas and several blankets. 

ImageExcuse the quality of the pictures, i’m taking them on my phone so it doesn’t really focus the same as my camera does and you can only see the bottoms of my pyjamas which isn’t great because obviously i’m still wearing them so I wasn’t prepared to part with them to take a photo and didn’t particularly want my face on the picture due to a no make up day and scruffy hair that has just been thrown up. However, what you might not notice is these pyjamas aren’t just ordinary pyjamas, because it is in fact a Onesie! But not just any onesie, a mickey mouse onesie which just makes them ten times better really don’t they. It is the warmest most cosiest onesie that you could ever wear on a freezing cold day like today. Along with this onesie, I wore my night poncho and like a trillion blankets over the top. (Excuse the mess of the bedroom). Also, as I type this i’m wearing my face mask cause you know ‘facial friday’ and all ~ i’m joking about that, but my skin hasn’t been too great recently so i’m hoping a face mask will leave my face soft and spot free – if its a miracle. 
Pyjamas, face mask, and magazines = perfect Friday night