Family and sunny mondays

So last weeks Bank Holiday was also my brothers birthday so we decided to have a little trip to St Annes and go to the beach with Sully.

DSC_0162As you can see the above picture isn’t the best as I’m squinting because of how bright the sun was. Also, I was unaware that the photo was being taken. Hahaha.

It was such a lovely time there though. I love hot weather. Sun, shorts, Ice-cream – whats not to love? I realise todays post is quite short but I just wanted it to be a nice little update for my Friday.

What posts would you like to see next week?



Happy Birthday to you

I thought i’d dedicate my Mondays post to my older brother Bradley as today is his 20th Birthday. So Happy Birthday Brad!

Birthdays are always a great time of the year as in my family we have all the family round for snacks and drinks. Our birthdays are made incredibly special thanks to our amazing Mum and Dad who organise little ‘parties’ with cakes and banners. I’m so greatful to have the family that I have.

DSC_0154Bradley posing with his birthday cake.

DSC_0156Blowing out candles

DSC_0159My two brothers Jordan and Bradley, little Sully with Nanna, and me.



Bradley with my amazing Dad and beautiful Mum


Grandparents and Grandson


Grandparents and Grandchildren


Three generations

As you can see our Birthdays consist of many photographs of all the family.



The start of May

Happy May Everyone!Live not just survive

Recently I’ve been loving a little bit of inspiration and motivation, and a good quote to refer to really does help. Funnily enough I first heard this quote on The Voice UK last Saturday when one of the contestants said it, I really loved it, and then it popped up on Pinterest so I had to share it with you all.

You often see people letting themselves be miserable and unhappy because they think its natural to feel like that in order to survive. But its really not. You hear of people who’ve lived their lives neither happy nor unhappy doing normal things that is expected of you in life but although they aren’t left miserable and depressed they have no exciting stories or memories to look back on and tell their children and grandchildren. When I am old, I want to have things to look back on and be so proud of and happy about, things that I’d want to share with the world, and things that would make me feel like I have fulfilled every goal in life. I would want to feel like I have LIVED.

I do have many fears and worries when at 16, they should not even exist. But because I worry about everything, it makes me too scared to accomplish things and actually enjoy things that I should be loving. Flying and travelling for example, every year we go to Spain and I am excited to go all year round but when the actual day comes I feel sick and do not enjoy the plane journey AT ALL. A flight to spain only takes around 2 hours so its a lot easier to deal with but my fears stop me from going to places that I would love to visit. America and Australia – Both places that I would LOVE to go to so much, but my fears are holding me back and stopping me from living all the memories that I would love to have in the future.

Worrying, panicking, and being afraid does not allow me to live, it just simply lets me survive which is why I want to change it around. I want to stop worrying about things by looking at all the positives in situations, I want to go out places more and accomplish my fears. I also want to be more independent and confident to make it easier for my worries to go away and live my life without having something stupid stopping me and holding me back.

I hope this little quote has helped you in some way and made your 1st of May a lot happier.

What changes will you make for May? 

A bit of April organisation

April seems to have flown by so quickly, I have no idea where all the days have gone. This is only my second real month that I have had my blog and in comparison to the amount of posts in March, I feel like I have already neglected it with the lack of blogging. My aim was to blog at least twice per week but with everything being so busy and then getting a stupid cold, I wasn’t able to post as much as I had hoped. So for May I have decided i’m going to be more organised with my blog and take it a bit more seriously.

ImageIn order to be more organised I created a little time table sort of thing with a to do list. Here i’m going to stick on my post ideas and then put them under the relevant day. This is stuck onto my wall as I thought it would help to motivate me and help me to be a bit more prepared for my posts. You might notice that there is only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the list – and yes, I do know there is four days I have missed off – but my plan is to post every day at the start of the week. And if I happen to miss a day then it will be posted on a different day when I have some spare time so that I will be posting 3 times per week.

I also have a rather sad obsession with Paperchase. I have no idea why fancy paper and overly priced notebooks excite me but hey ho I just could not resist and had to buy it. Unlike the majority of my notepads that are sat in my drawer because I am too scared to use them, I put my pretty pink one to good use. I use it to plan my weekly posts, any other ideas, and to record things such as my monthly followers or stick in any lovely comments I might get so that I can look back through and smile (so feel free to leave a nice comment for my book hahaha). I also picked up a pack of lined cards from Asda and use those to take down any other notes or to plan out things scruffily before I put them in my notebook – I think I might have a tiny bit of OCD when it comes to notebooks, woops.

So yes, theres my little rambly post of the month as its rather late as I type this and I seem to have  babbled on about nothing for a while, BUT you’ve now learned how to put your organisational skills to use for blogging. I will hopefully stick to this plan so I don’t let my blog fall behind again in May.