30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 16 – bullet your whole day

So I realise today is actually the 17th day of the blogging challenge but yesterday was so busy that I didn’t actually get chance to do it since yesterday was the day I saw ONE DIRECTION! 😉

But here’s the bullets of my day yesterday:

1. Woke up at 10am

2. Washed my hair

3. Dried my hair

4. Got dressed

5. Did my make up

7. Straighten my hair

8. Packed my bag with my money and tickets

9. Got a lift to the train station where we raved to One Direction

10. Got the VERY BUSY and boiling train to Manchester

11. Had a McDonald’s

12. Queued outside the MEN arena

13. Bought a drink

14. Watched 5 seconds of summer (the support act) who were amazing!

15. Then One Direction came on – who were actually gorgeous and amazing and they actually looked and waved at us – no joke. We had such amazing seats and when they came out into the crowd we almost died – not sad at

16. Pretty much cried when it was over.

17. Bought a poster and a programme.

18. Got the train home.

19. Got picked up from the station where Mother danced and sang to the Nolans 😉

20. Showed everyone my videos of Niall waving DIRECTLY at me.

21. Sang their songs for a bit since I was still in an amazing mood.

22. Ordered a take away from the Steak House

23. It was yummy

24. Uploaded the pictures to my computer.

25. Watched all the videos I did.

26. Took all my make up off again and got comfy in my pyjamas

27. Watched Celebrity Juice

28. Watched Not Going Out

29. Listened to the album for a bit

30. Fell asleep as I was incredibly tired

Have to say though, it was by far my best day so far. A-ma-zing! So busy yet so exciting and I’m actually rather gutted that its over but hey ho at least I have all the videos, photos, and memories!

I shall upload some pictures and if I can then the videos to my blog later on. Woo woo 🙂


This isn’t a part of the blogging challenge but i’m just posting to update you on the fact that tomorrow will be the day I go to see ONE DIRECTION. The excitement is just too much tbh, and no, I am in no way or do I ever intend to be a ‘directioner’ because they just seem to take stalking to the next level ~ however I am currently obsessed with them and honestly can not wait for tomorrow! 

I’m sure i’ll be posting some pictures later on next week so you can share my excitement. woo woo