A little bit of inspiration #4

HAPPY WEDNESDAY. I’ve missed the passed two weeks of these posts, however I’m back again with a bit of inspiration for you Wednesday.

Roald DahlI came across this little quote on Pinterest and just had to use it. 

I liked this because its so true and most definitely works. So many tiny things can affect the way we’re feeling leaving us sulking all day. But theres one incredibly simple way you can completely cure that – THINK HAPPILY.

Fill your thoughts with happy memories, future dreams, and general things that make YOU feel happy and replace all the horrible thoughts going round in your head. I guarantee it would make you feel 100% better. By you feeling happy, you’ll look ten times better and reflect your happiness onto the other people who need a bit of a lift and help them to feel better about their day. 

Also stick a smile on your face, that works too. By looking happy, you’ll begin to believe it – even on your worst day. And also make other people feel happier whilst you’re at it. 

So, RIGHT NOW as you read this –

1) Put a smile on your face


2) Think of your happiest memory

Do you feel that little bit better?


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The start of May

A little bit of inspiration #3

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Posting little inspirational posts has become part of a routine for my wednesdays so I hope you enjoy reading them.

never letAs per usual I took my image from Pinterest. However, the quote itself I stole from one of my favourite childhood films, A Cinderella Story.

I can relate to this quote as I often allow myself to get scared of doing something, whether it be something big or small, yet then let my fear prevent me from taking part in it. Sometimes I fear something before I even give it a try, so why let this fear stop you. Referring back to the quote, yes you might strike out but instead of letting it stop you from playing the game, learn from it and try again because one day the fear will be overcome when you don’t strike out. Also ‘What if I strike out?’ isn’t a good enough reason for keeping you from playing. What if you don’t stike out? What if you win the game?

Try to think positive, because you will succeed once you put your mind into it. And don’t let someting stupid prevent you from doing something that you love or that you REALLY want to do. Not doing something you wanted will only result in regret.

Do you enjoy reading these little posts? Have you ever watched A Cinderella Story?

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A little bit of inspiration #2


A little bit of inspiration #2

20130507-233641.jpg‘Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections’.

I came across this on Pinterest and thought it’d be nice to put on my blog to share with you. Basically, why let little things get you down in the dumps when you can simply look past them. Nobody has a ‘perfect’ life as nobody even knows what a perfect life is. But plenty of people live a happy life as that is so much easier to do.

Theres no excuse for not being happy. By dwelling on something for so long is only depriving you of happiness and doesn’t allow you to move forward. If something personal happened such as a death, of course its upsetting and i’m not saying I’d be happy as though nothing happened but eventually i’d begin to move foward with my life because dwelling on it and making myself feel unhappy all the time will never change what has happened or bring someone back – its just ruining your own chances of a happy life.

So if something brings you down and makes you feel like the world is against you, you must learn to move on because once you’ve looked beyond the imperfections and realised that everybody has problems in life, it will make you feel ten times better. Just remember, a happy life is NOT a perfect life.

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The start of May

Happy May Everyone!Live not just survive

Recently I’ve been loving a little bit of inspiration and motivation, and a good quote to refer to really does help. Funnily enough I first heard this quote on The Voice UK last Saturday when one of the contestants said it, I really loved it, and then it popped up on Pinterest so I had to share it with you all.

You often see people letting themselves be miserable and unhappy because they think its natural to feel like that in order to survive. But its really not. You hear of people who’ve lived their lives neither happy nor unhappy doing normal things that is expected of you in life but although they aren’t left miserable and depressed they have no exciting stories or memories to look back on and tell their children and grandchildren. When I am old, I want to have things to look back on and be so proud of and happy about, things that I’d want to share with the world, and things that would make me feel like I have fulfilled every goal in life. I would want to feel like I have LIVED.

I do have many fears and worries when at 16, they should not even exist. But because I worry about everything, it makes me too scared to accomplish things and actually enjoy things that I should be loving. Flying and travelling for example, every year we go to Spain and I am excited to go all year round but when the actual day comes I feel sick and do not enjoy the plane journey AT ALL. A flight to spain only takes around 2 hours so its a lot easier to deal with but my fears stop me from going to places that I would love to visit. America and Australia – Both places that I would LOVE to go to so much, but my fears are holding me back and stopping me from living all the memories that I would love to have in the future.

Worrying, panicking, and being afraid does not allow me to live, it just simply lets me survive which is why I want to change it around. I want to stop worrying about things by looking at all the positives in situations, I want to go out places more and accomplish my fears. I also want to be more independent and confident to make it easier for my worries to go away and live my life without having something stupid stopping me and holding me back.

I hope this little quote has helped you in some way and made your 1st of May a lot happier.

What changes will you make for May?