Day 27 – Your fears


ImageI don’t really have proper fears apart from the obvious ones of like dying and things. That obviously scares me. However I am sometimes scared of making a decision that is wrong for me and it turning out to be a mistake. I hate the feeling of regret and so I fear the decisions that I make before I even make up my mind which is why I resort to writing a list of pros and cons so I can see which decision is write for me much clearer. Linking to my last post, I also get scared of going places incase something happens, like a fear of the unknown. But this hardly ever happens so I need to stop letting it hold me back and risk it – even if i make the wrong decision at least I can say that I take risks and i’ve done it – whether that be me going shopping with friends or jumping out of a plane, i’ve still faced the fear. So take risks and face your fears because most of the time you’ll feel 100% better for doing so.

Although this links to the little motivational speech I just made I do have one fear that is incredibly stupid, and that is my fear of Michael Jackson. My brothers used to joke and say he was in my wardrobe and ever since then its been a fear that all my friends tease me about and do horrible things like posting pictures of him on my wall (which is just plain mean if you ask me hahaha).