Day 28 – Something/Someone that you miss

miss you
picture stolen from pinterest – as per usual

Something that I miss is school – and I never actually ever thought that i’d say that. Whilst I was there all I did was wish the days on because I just couldn’t wait to leave and not go back but now I’d actually give anything to go back again for another year. I’ll admit year 7 was awful, it was the year you had to try and make an impression on everyone to get friends and aim for a good reputation and I made some slightly different friends which didn’t turn out great and I haven’t actually spoken to them since but in year 8 I made the best friends who I am still so close with now. Year 8 was definitely my best year. However, in year 9 I got split up from those friends and made new ones but year 9 was definitely the year I grew up a bit and had more of a laugh rather than trying to make friends – my empty year 9 geography book just says it all hahahaha.¬†The last two years were more of an up and down, I didn’t enjoy year 10 so much because it was the first year I would sit some of my GCSE’s and the stress finally hit me and I worried about it a lot more than I needed to meaning the outcome of my results didn’t make me the happiest. But in year 11, I resat the exams I didn’t excel in and did a lot better than I expected and I was so so happy. Year 11 was definitely the best/stressful/saddest school year, I loved the responsibility we got and the ability to have a laugh and a joke with teachers and friends, but we had quite a few exams which I think I handled much better. Then we left, and I cried. The summer holidays that year were great because I just thought ‘NO MORE SCHOOL’, little did I know that college would be pretty much the same, but worse.

I really do wish that I could go back to school for year 8 onwards and not have a day off and enjoy every single day because I do miss it so much. When I drive past or see the school kids walking home I wish I was them¬†hahaha. I also miss the friends that I made who I ended up losing touch with from going to different colleges or chosing different subjects meaning I hardly see them. The teachers as well, some teachers I hated and i’m glad I left them behind, but others I miss so much because over the last 5 years seeing the same teachers over and over you become familiar with them and when suddenly they aren’t there to turn to its rather difficult.

So basically I miss my school days, which is even surprising to me. – I miss the time table, the lessons, the teachers, all the people in it, the familiarity, and my close friends. EVERYTHING.

If you’re reading this and are still in school hating every minute of it. DON’T! ENJOY IT or you’ll regret it afterwards – trust me on that one.