Day 24 – Something you always think ‘..what if?’ about


Honestly, I don’t believe in ‘what if?’.

‘What if I didn’t do this, would it have been different?’ – Well to be honest whats the point in thinking about this, its really just a waste of energy isn’t it. Thinking about what could’ve happened instead of what actually happened won’t change anything.. It won’t turn the clocks back and let redo it, and as much as you wish it did, life doesn’t give second chances.

What if this happens? What if that happens? – These are questions I find myself thinking before I go out whether it was to school or college, or just out with friends. And that too was a waste of energy because its very rare that it actually happens.


And finally the positive ‘what ifs’. The ones that could actually get you somewhere in life. ‘What if I was rich?’ ‘What if I became successful?’ These are the only ‘what ifs’ that I find acceptable because these are dreams and wishes that you can make come true and if you really believe in it and set your mind to it then theres nothing you can’t actually reach in life.

So basically, I don’t have a specific ‘what if..’ that I constantly think about and worry about but i’m not saying that I never think about them, because I do.. quite a lot. But what is the point in thinking about it? Because it actually gets you nowhere. Next time you get yourself worrying about something irrelevant or wishing something hadn’t happened then just remember that you can only move forward from these things and no matter how much you think about it you can never change the past so think about what you can achieve, and what you will learn from your mistakes because thats the only way you can actually change your direction.